Everybody loves a bright, white smile.

Dr. Sarkarzadeh will do an examination before the teeth whitening procedure to determine if you’re an appropriate candidate. Worn-down enamel or large pulps (the inner structure of the tooth containing nerves, arteries, veins and tissues) can mean your teeth might be too sensitive to endure the treatment. Also a scheduled cleaning is a must within 10 days prior to the whitening.

Teeth whitening can be used to remove stains from teeth. There are variety of causes for stained teeth, common ones being cigarette smoking and red wine or coffee drinking. Stains can also develop below the surface of the teeth as a result of certain antibiotics or tiny cracks in the teeth. But no matter what causes the stains , goal is: healthier, brighter teeth worth smiling about.

In-Office Whitening, ZOOM
The high-concentration gel containing 35 hydrogen peroxide is applied to the teeth and activated by a high-intensity special light to accelerate the tooth whitening.

The procedure takes about 1.5-2 hours

For best results, follow with home bleaching trays a few days following the procedure.

At-Home Whitening
Custom fitted mouth trays containing a lower-concentration peroxide gel is used daily for a couple of weeks.