Inlays and onlays are a hybrid between a crown and a filling and are made of naturally blending materials. They are created to the specifications of Dr. Sarkarzadeh for the optimal color, shape and size. Inlays and onlays are also a great option to protect your tooth for the long-term. A regular filling may only last a few years before being worn down. Inlays and onlays can be much more durable and may last more than 10 years with good care. The difference between inlays and onlays, and regular fillings, are that they can restore a larger area of decay, while still preserving your natural tooth.


Porcelain Crowns are restorations placed on teeth that require complete coverage either due to weakening of the tooth or due to complete structural breakdown. Crowns can be made entirely of porcelain (ceramic) or of a combination of metal and porcelain. All- porcelain crowns are usually used for the teeth that are most visible when you smile. Metal-porcelain crowns are usually made for posterior, or teeth toward the rear of your mouth.

Crowns, usually take 2 or 3 visits to complete. On the first visit, tooth is prepared to receive a crown, take an impression, then a temporary crown, made of a plastic material, is placed on the prepared tooth to protect it while the permanent crown is being fabricated. On the second visit, permanent crown is fitted and then cemented to the tooth. Sometimes crown lengthening, a periodontal procedure, is necessary before the permanent crown is cemented.